Fantasy Ink Las Vegas

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Q. Where is Fantasy Ink Located and what areas do you service?
A. Fantasy Ink is located in Fabulous Las Vegas with service provided for any major event worldwide.

Q. What services do you provide?
A. Fantasy Ink provides temporary airbrush tattoos for parties and events. We also provide bodypaint services as well as henna tattoos, glitter tattoos and face painting.

Q. How long do they last and is the ink safe?
A. Tattoos typically last from 5-7 days with proper care and yes the ink is F.D.A. approved for use on the skin.

Q. How many tattoos can you do in an hour?
A. Depending on a few different factors each artist can do at least 40/an hour up to 50/an hour.

Q. How are tattoos removed?
A. Tattoos can be removed with rubbing alcohol or soap and hot water with a bit of scrubbing.

Q. How many designs do you have to choose from?
A. We have hundreds of designs and typically have from 200-500 on hand for your event depending on the booth.

Q. Do you do custom corporate logos?
A. Yes we can create a stencil from most any artwork.

Q. Does Fantasy Ink do kids parties?
A. Yes we have a setup with kid friendly designs.

Q. Do you have a location?
A. Right now we just provide temporary tattoo services for events but can will handle any request, even a single tattoo.

Q. Is your rate for service competitive?
A. Fantasy Ink has been spraying tattoos for over 8 years and we can accommodate any budget.

Q. How many colors do you have?
A. Depending on the event we usually provide a full array of popular colors.